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2005 Seminars
December 28, 2005
Natalia Volchkova
«Bilateral Trade between Russia and China»

December 12, 2005
Alexander Semenov
Venture Investment and complicated contracts: Russian practice

December 12, 2005
John Earle (Upjohn Institute for Employment Research)
«Unexpected Wage Losses and Unemployment Duration of Displaced Workers»

December 5, 2005
Gauhar Turmuhambetova (Princeton University)
«Decision Making in an Economy with Endogenous Information»

A decision maker operates in an environment where a part of the vector state variable is not directly observed. He makes inferences about the unobserved components having
exogenously given signals and choosing a process for an additional signal. He is penalized for his choice of additional signal where the penalty is determined by the signal’s information content. The resulting control problem with endogenous information is formulated and analyzed. The e
ect of introducing such a costly information processing is demonstrated using both permanent income model and a portfolio choice model. In the portfolio choice model, the endogenous information structure induces heterogeneity in consumption and portfolio allocation across agents with different amounts of wealth.

November 30, 2005
Bulat Sanditov (University of Maastricht)
«Size of innovation, patent citations, and path-dependency in technical change»

November 16, 2005
Ilya Voskoboinikov, Vladimir Bessonov (HSE)
«On Dynamics of Capital and Investment in the Russian Economy during Transition»

November 11, 2005 (Friday)
Timofey Milovanov (University of Bonn)
«Negative Value of Informed Principal Problem with Independent Private Values»

November 9, 2005
Maria Yudkevich (HSE)
«Professor — University Relationships: Incentives for Investment in Joint Future»

October 12, 2005
Harry Huizinga (Tilburg University and CEPR)
«International Profit Shifting within European Multinationals»

September 28, 2005
Omer Moav (Hebrew University, CEPR)
«Natural Selection and the Evolution of Life Expectancy»

September 14, 2005
Professor Andreas Woergoetter (OECD)
«Economic Development in Germany After Unification»

September 7, 2005
Vladimir Ivanenko (University of Western Ontario)
«Market and Democracy in Russia: the Importance of Being Normal»

July 27, 2005 
Maria Petrova (Harvard University, NES' 2004)
«Inequality and Media Capture»

July 21, 2005
Scott Gelbach (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
«A Political Model of Exit and Voice»

July 20, 2005
Olga Lazareva (CEFIR)
«On-the-Job Training in Russia: Determinants and Returns»

July 14, 2005 
Ruben Enikolopov (Harvard University, NES' 2002)
«Appointed versus Elected Public Officials: Evidence from the U.S. Local Governments»

July 13, 2005
Oleksii Birulin (University of Sidney, NES' 1999)
«On Efficiency of the English Auction»

July 12, 2005 
Jeroen van de Ven (Utrecht School of Economics)
«Aspiration Level, Probability of Success, and Expected Utility»

June 23, 2005
Evgeny Yakovlev and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya (CEFIR)
«State Capture and Ownership of Firms in a Federation»

June 22, 2005 at 12:00
Yakov Pappe (Institute of National Economic Forecasting of RAS)
«The New Incarnation of Large Russian Business: the End of Financially Integrated Groups (2000-04 Trends)"

June 15, 2005 
John Whalley (University of Western Ontario)
«Metrics Capturing the Degree to Which Individual Economies Are Globalized»

June 8, 2005
Oleg Zamulin (CEFIR, NES)
«Monetary Policy in a Natural Resource Based Economy: The Case of Russia»

May 26, 2005 
Wolfgang Pfaffenberger (International University Bremen and Bremer Energie Institut)
«Experience of Energy Reforms in Europe»

May 24, 2005
Anders Aslund (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
«Is the Orange Revolution Leading to Populism: Observations on Ukraine’s New Economic Policy»

May 18, 2005
Marek Jarocinski (Universitat Pompeu Fabra and CASE)
«Responses to Monetary Policy Shocks in the East and the West of Europe: A Comparison»

April 27, 2005
Andrey Rachinsky (CEFIR)
«A Survey of Corporate Governance Practices in Russia’s Regions»

April 20, 2005
Alexei Makrushin (CEFIR)
«Forecasting of Economic and Budget Indicators»

April 13, 2005 
Shlomo Weber (Center for Operations Research and Econometrics at the Universite Catholique de Louvain)
«The Rawlsian Principle and Secession-Proofness in Large Heterogeneous Societies»

March 30, 2005
Akhmed Akhmedov (CEFIR)
«Human Capital and Political Business Cycles»

March 23, 2005
Yuri Andrienko (CEFIR)
«The Estimation of the Individual Demand for Alcohol»

March 16, 2005
Petr Andrukovich (CEMI RAS)
«Long-term and Medium-term Dynamics of Dow Jones Index»

March 14, 2005
Robert Tchaidze (International Monetary Fund, NES’1996)
«The Use and Abuse of Taylor Rules: How Precisely Can We Estimate Them?"

March 1, 2005 at 16:00 
Peter Davies (Vice President and Chief Economist of BP)
«Energy Markets: a Global Perspective «Challenges of a High Price Environment»

February 22, 2005 at 17:00 
Mikhail Dmitriev (Center for Strategic Research and Russian Advisory Board of NES)
«Results and Perspectives of Economic Reforms in Russia»

February 18, 2005 at 13:00 
Nienke Oomes (International Monetary Fund)
«Dollarization Dynamics in Russia»

February 17, 2005
Oksana Loginova (Duke University, USA)
«Competing for Customers' Attention: Advertising When Consumers Have Imperfect Memory»

February 16, 2005
Olesya Grishchenko (Stern School of Business, USA)
«Internal vs External Habit Formation: The Relative Importance for Asset Pricing»

February 7, 2005
Andriy Bodnaruk (Stockholm School of Economics
«Proximity Always Matters: Evidence From Swedish Data»

February 1, 2005
Sergei Stepanov (ECARES, Universite Libre de Bruxelles)
«Shareholder Access to Manager-Biased Courts and the Monitoring/Litigation Tradeoff»

January 28, 2005
Stanislav Kolenikov (University of North Carolina)
«The Use of Discrete Data in PCA: Theory, Simulations, and Applications to Socioeconomic Indices»

January 27, 2005
Rouben Atoian (University of North Carolina)
«Econometric Investigation of Policy Preference Evolution: The Case of Small Open Economy»

January 26, 2005
Ilia Rainer (Harvard University)
«The Modern Impact of Pre-Colonial Centralization in Africa»
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