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CEFIR Mission and Core Values

CEFIRís mission is to improve Russia’s economic and social policies by producing cutting-edge academic research and policy analysis and by helping policymakers and the public to make informed choices.

  • CEFIR carries out academic research and policy analysis relevant for Russia’s economic and social development.

  • CEFIR contributes to the formulation of Russiaís economic and social policy by informing policymakers and the public about the costs and benefits of specific policy actions. The ultimate measure of our success is the use of our ideas and recommendations in actual policies.

  • CEFIR is an integral part of Russian and international academic communities.

  • CEFIR aspires to be a leading policy research center in, and for, the emerging economies, and a global leader in academic research on institutional change.

CEFIRís core values:

  • independence, non-partisanship, and critical thinking in policy analysis
  • relevance to Russiaís policy context
  • policy analysis well-founded in research of the highest academic quality
  • transparency, openness, and commitment to dialogue
  • strict ethical standards in relationships with stakeholders, patrons, employees and society at large.

Guiding principles and implications for strategy:

CEFIR is committed to the highest international standards in academic and policy research.

CEFIRís critical resources are the high-quality human capital and the academic infrastructure.

CEFIR does not take an institutional positions on policy issues. Individual CEFIRees are responsible for their own views and positions.

CEFIR pursues a broad portfolio of projects — both empirical and theoretical — that are of the highest value for Russian economic and social development and in which CEFIR can deliver high quality.

CEFIRís dissemination strategy is flexible and innovative in order to maximize the impact of CEFIRís research and policy work. This strategy involves effective communication with policymakers, the expert community, and the media.

CEFIR monitors the impact of its work on policy and policy debate by tracking the assimilation of ideas and recommendations into policy proposals and enacted measures.

CEFIRees adhere to international best-practice ethical standards.
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