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Research and Policy Projects | 25-02-2014

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Applied economic research of effectiveness of the State Plan on the management training for the national economic enterprises of the Russian Federation in 2006/2007 academic year
Developing short-term budget revenues forecasting model
Evaluating the wisdom of preferential relations with the European Union
Short-term (2007-2010) and long-term (2007 — 2020) foreign trade development forecast for Russia
Developing macroeconomic development scenario forecasts for the period of 2007 — 2010
Prospects of the export diversification in the South District of Russia and Krasnodar region
Prospects of the external economic relations development between Russia, CIS-countries and other countries (EU, South Asia, China and other)
Impact of the state support for small business in 2005-2007on the entrepreneurship development in the Russian regions
Developing Computable General Equilibrium Model for Estimating Sectorial and Regional Consequences of Concluding International Trade Treaties
between Russia and Other Countries
Forecasting internal and external migration flows in the medium-term and in the long run
What Russians Think about Transition
Study of Large Families in Belgorod Region of Russia
Monitoring the Administrative Barriers to Small Business Development in Russia. Round 6
Survey on Life in Transition («LITS»)
Corporate Governance Practices and Prospects in Transition Countries: The Case of Russia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan
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