Research and Policy Projects
Forecasting macroeconomic indicators of the Russian economy for the period up to 2030
Development of methodological recommendations on enhancement of revenue base of regional and local budgets in the Russian Federation
Comprehensive analysis of the the integration impact as well as of free trade areas creation on the status and development of the EEU members' economies (on the basis of the general equilibrium model CGE and MOB)
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Research and Policy Projects | 25-02-2014

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Analysis of barriers to the full-scale and efficient functioning of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space and proposals for their elimination
Citibank Foundation grant under the program on support of financial capability courses in Russian universities
Consulting services in the preparation of analyzes and develop recommendations on topical issues of development of financial markets
Development of the principles of formation of preventive response to negative developments in the economy, based on the model complex aimed at forming the short-term (up to 1 year) forecasts of socio-economic development of the countries — members of CES
Development and testing of modular training programs and educational and informational materials aimed at improving financial literacy of students
Researches on the implementation of the OECD recommendations in the area of improving governance and regulatory policy
Cognitive test on innovation activities
Russia as a WTO member and its impact on the economy
Economic report on regional tobacco tax regimes for the purposes of the World Health Organization and the World Bank
Assisting to the RF Ministry of Finance in developing the official comment to the Budget Code of the Russian Federation and issuing it in the electronic format (with access to the sources listed in the bibliography and full-text search) and paper version
Development and issue of the electronic publication «The Business Climate Development Monitor. A Newsletter on business climate and foreign direct investments in Russia»
Development and practical application of the set of economic and mathematical models to analyze and forecast correlation between Russian Railways performance indicators and the development of the Russian economy, its industries and regions
Assessment of inflation expectations on the basis of data on prices of financial assets
Appliance of the economic growth models with account of technological progress to forecast the development of the Russian economy
Comparative analysis of the programs of modernization and development of the Common Economic Space economies and the development of proposals to create a common trade policy
Assessment of the economic effects of accession of the Republic of Tajikistan to the Customs Union
Methodical and organizational support to complex converting authorization documentation to the electronic format and switching from state control over authorization documentation on alimentary products to state control over information about such products
The development and implementation of complex economic and mathematical models to analyse and to predict interactions between activity of Russian Railways Company and the development of Russian economy, its industries and regions
Analysis of the environmental risks threatening the Baltic Sea  by international research network BalticSTERN
Survey analysis the consequences of the Russian Federation entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO)
The Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey («BEEPS V»)
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