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April-June 2007 / Theme of the Issue: Financial Sector Development | 27-09-2007
The recent issue of the Beyond Transition newsletter is available to download. Theme of the issue: Financial Sector Development. In this issue you can find the review of financial systems in transition and developing countries, the survey of the banking sector in 58 countries, the survey of values in transition, the World Bank’s analysis of the economic impact of aging in transition countries, and other articles.

Theme of the Issue: Financial Sector Development

From the Editor

Barriers to Banking
Asli Demirguc_Kunt

Finance and Opportunity
Ross Levine and Asli Demirguc_Kunt

Risk Taking by Banks in Transition Countries
Paul Wachtel and Rainer Haselmann

Foreign Bank Participation and Crises in Developing Countries
Robert Cull and Maria Soledad Martinez Peria

Financial Sector Development in South Eastern Europe
Bettina Hagmayr and Peter Haiss

Sophisticated Discipline in a Nascent Deposit Market
Alexei Karas, William Pyle, and Koen Schoors

Bank Efficiency and Market Structure in Armenia
Era Dabla_Norris and Holger Floerkemeier

Financing Economic Growth in Georgia
Andreas Billmeier and Shuang Ding

Whither the Gains from Capital Market Reforms?
Augusto de la Torre, Juan Carlos Gozzi, Sergio L. Schmukler

The Mutual Fund Industry in Russia: Beyond the Stage of Initial Growth
Alexei Goriaev

Massive Delisting on the Prague Stock Exchange
Zuzana Fungacova

The Ukrainian Stock Market
Valentin Zelenyuk

Political Credibility, Citizen Information and Financial Sector Development
Philip Keefer

Domestic Institutions and Financial Globalization
Jiandong Ju and Shang_Jin Wei 

New Findings

From Red to Grey: a Third Transition
Mukesh Chawla, Gordon Betcherman, and Arup Banerji

Life in Transition: Current Attitudes
Peter Sanfey, Franklin Steves and Utku Teksoz

Russian Fiscal Policy: Challenges Ahead
Yevsei Gurvich

Economic Growth in Croatia: Potential and Constraints
David Moore and Athanasios Vamvakidis

World Bank Agenda

New Books and Working Papers

Conference Diary


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