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July-September 2007 / Theme of the Issue: Agriculture and Rural Development

Theme of the Issue: Agriculture and Rural Development

From the Editor

Agriculture for Development

Distortions to Agricultural Incentives in Transition Economies
Kym Anderson and Johan Swinnen

The World Food Equation, Rewritten
Joachim von Braun

Biofuels — A Revolution in the Making?

Brazil’s Experience with Bioenergy
Jose Roberto Moreira

Can China Continue Feeding Itself?
Jinxia Wang, Robert Mendelsohn, Ariel Dinar, Jikun Huang, Scott Rozelle and Lijuan Zhang

Where to Sell? Market Facilities and Agricultural Marketing in India
Forhad Shilpi and Dina Umali-Deininger

The Economics of Farm Organization in Transition Countries
Pavel Ciaian, Jan Pokrivcak, Dusan Drabik

Land Policy and Farm Efficiency: The Lessons of Moldova
Dragos Cimpoies, Zvi Lerman

Alternative Non-Agricultural Employment in Rural Russia
Yevgenia Serova, Dmitry Zvyagintsev, Tatyana Tikhonova,
and Olga Shik

Health Shocks in Rural China
Yang Yao

«Ruralization» of Poverty in Russia
Christopher J Gerry, Eugene Nivorozhkin, John Rigg

The Impact of International Migration on Albanian Family Farming
Juna Miluka, Gero Carletto, Benjamin Davis, and Alberto

New Findings

Electricity Sector Reforms and the Poor in Europe and Central Asia
Julian A. Lampietti, Sudeshna Ghosh Banerjee, and Amelia Branczik

Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth in Europe and Central Asia
Cheryl Gray, Tracey Lane and Aristomene Varoudakis (eds.)

Who Wants to Revise Privatization?
Irina Denisova, Markus Eller, Timothy Frye, and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya

The Resource Curse and Corporate Transparency
Art Durnev and Sergei Guriev

World Bank Agenda

New Books and Working Papers

Conference Diary

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July — September 2007

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