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The development of the online version of the book "Financial Literacy" and its Belarusian version for students and adults | 28-02-2012
CEFIR at NES Research.

Project Dates: 2011

The book «Financial Literacy» for students and adults was created in 2009 under previous NES project supported by Citi Foundation and VISA.

Project Summary:

In the online version of the book there was supposed the creation of nine chapters, as in the original book. It was designed by animated text with illustrations and easy to use interface, cross-references between chapters, a glossary of key terms, tests with multiple choice questions, etc.
The online version of the book is available on the web as the part of the Azbuka Finansov web site (or as a separate web site).

The development of the Belarusian version of the book «Financial Literacy» included text, tests at the end of chapters and a glossary (all in Russian), desktop publishing for printing and online version.

CEFIR coordinated working activities with the Association of Belarusian Banks, which provided financial support for the Belarusian part of the project, including expert advice on adapting the book for Belarus, printing of the books and activities to promote the book.

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