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Development and testing of modular training programs and educational and informational materials aimed at improving financial literacy of students | 22-11-2012
The project is implemented by a consortium consisting of: Non-commercial foundation — Centre for Economic and Financial Research (CEFIR) (consortium leader) and Private graduate school in economics «New Economic School (Institute)"

The project was implemented for  Noncommercial Foundation for Enterprise Restructuring and Financial Institutions Development (FER)

Project Objectives:

The aim of the work is to create a framework for the development of financial literacy of students through the development of modular training programs and other educational and informational materials.

These materials will be used during the implementation of the basic educational program (BEP), undergraduate and graduate programs [1], as part of the elective courses, also during the seminars, workshops and other activities aimed at the formation of practical skills of students in the field of financial literacy.

Project Main Tasks:

  • Development of educational programs and curriculum for the students, aimed to use as elective course; and educational modules to be included in the basic (mandatory) part of training cycles BEP undergraduate and graduate programs designed to build skills in the area of financial literacy;
  • Development of short-term (intensive) seminars and workshops, also business computer games for the students on the subject of planning personal and family finances and forming rational financial behavior;
  • Organization of publication designed programs, discussion in the professional community and distribution to universities;
  • Conduct testing (pilot implementation) to develop educational resources in universities;
  • Preparation of materials for newsletters and guidelines for the dissemination of best practices in the field of financial literacy of students.


[1] In the block of humanities, social and economic cycle, in accordance with the federal state educational standards of higher education.
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