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The Moscow Region Leadership Strategy (strategy of the social-economic development of the Moscow region till 2020 and for the period till 2030) | 20-11-2014
The project is implemented for the autonomous nonprofit organization Interdisciplinary Academic Center of Social Sciences «Intercentre».

Project Dates: September — December 2014

Project Description:

The goal of the project was:

  • To model the elasticity of the key indicators of economic development (such as workforce productivity, household income and real estate cost) of the Moscow region related to various factors on the basis of econometric analysis of official statistics and sociological surveys conducted under the project.

  • To develop a model of general economic equilibrium for the Moscow region, which would allow to quantify the changes of the types of productionl, of the output by industries selected in the model; the demand rate for commodity groups selected in the model for each of the economic agents within the model. The model should balance the markets for goods and services, factors of production, taking into account inter-industry linkages.

  • To prepare and hold a presentation to the Customer of the general equilibrium model developed under the project.
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