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James Robinson
The heart of Professor Robinson’s visit was comprised of two talks: a discussion of «Theories of  Electoral Institutions» delivered at CEFIR, and the Bradley Seminar on the «Institutional Roots of Prosperity» given at the Moscow Carnegie Center in cooperation with CEFIR. In so doing, members of CEFIR were able to  engage Professor Robinson on two important research projects with substantial implications for political economy in general, and Russian political economy in particular. Both talks were very well attended, with the latter talk drawing not only scholars but a number of policy makers, including presidential advisor Andrei Illarionov and First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade Mikhail Dmitriev.

This being Professor Robinson’s first visit to Russia, CEFIR organized several meetings for him with policy makers and experts in  Russian political economy. Unfortunately, a very sick baby (Professor Robinson came to Russia with his family) necessitated that most of these meetings proceed without his presence. However, prior to this unforeseen problem, Professor Robinson had a very stimulating meeting with Aleksandr Ivanchenko of Independent Institute of Elections, where he  discussed the evolution of  Russia’s electoral system. This theme, connected to the work on  electoral institutions discussed at Professor Robinson’s CEFIR seminar, was further explored in the remaining meetings, as  representatives of CEFIR acted as Professor Robinson’s proxy.

Professor Robinson was also present at a presentation of work by two CEFIR scholars: Ekaterina Zhuravskaya and  Ruben Enikolopov.

Summary of the visit:

Bradley Seminar
«The Institutional Roots of Prosperity», Carnegie Moscow Center

Other lectures and seminars
«Theories of  Electoral Institutions», CEFIR

Meetings with policymaking community
Vyacheslav Igrunov, the State Duma Deputy
Grigory Yavlinsky, the State Duma Deputy, Group Chairman

Meetings with academic community
Alexander Ivanchenko, Chairman, Independent Institute of Elections
Nikolay Petrov, Scholar-in-Residence, Carnegie Moscow Center

Meetings with individual researchers at CEFIR
Sergey Guriev, Konstantin Sonin, Scott Gehlbach

James Robinson, Associate Professor of Political Science and Economics, University of California at Berkeley

June 4-6, 2003

Prof. Robinson studies Political Economy and Comparative Politics, Formal Theory, Economic and Political Development. He is a 2002 Carnegie Scholar.
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