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LEAD ECONOMISTSResearch InterestsE-mailPhone Extension

Galina Besstremyannaya
Econometrics, productivity analysis, management, health economics GBesstre (at)

Andrei Bremzen
Game theory, auction theory, contract theory, behavioral economics, experimental economics, political economy, health economics, industrial organizationABremzen (at)
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Irina Denisova
Labor Markets, Microeconomics of Unemployment, Effectiveness of Government Labor Market Programs, Poverty and Inequality, Social Policy IDenisova (at)
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Alexey Deviatov
Macroeconomics, Dynamic macro models, Forecasting, Theory of moneyADeviatov (at) 215

Paul Dower
Economics of Development, Microeconomics, Economics and LawPDower (at)

Salavat Gabdrakhmanov
Industrial Organization, Labor Economics,Growth and Development, FinanceSGabdrakhmanov (at) cefir.ru230

Alexei Goriaev
Financial Econometrics, Mutual Funds, Emerging Markets, Risk ManagementAGoriaev (at)
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Natalia Tsybuleva
Industrial Organization, Contract Theory, Banking, Payment Card Industry NTsybuleva (at)

Natalia Volchkova
International Trade, Growth and Development, Resource EconomyNVolchkova (at)
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SENIOR ECONOMISTSResearch InterestsE-mailPhone Extension

Eugenia Bessonova
International Trade, WTO Accession, Restructuring of Russian enterprisesEBessonova (at) cefir.ru205

Maria Gorban
Foreign trade, WTO and customs legislation, investment climate, economic growthMGorban (at) cefir.ru224

Marina Kartseva
Labor economics, social policyMKartseva (at) cefir.ru223

Polina Kuznetsova
Social policy, demographyPKuznetsova (at) cefir.ru227

Natalia Turdyeva
International Trade, Industrial Organisation, Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) models including regional CGE for Russia, Restructuring of the Russian electricity sectorNTurdyeva (at) cefir.ru213

ECONOMISTSResearch Interests-mail Phone Extension

Daria Akimkina
Industrial policy, industrial organization, foreign investmentDAkimkina (at) cefir.ru204

Sergey Golovan
Foreign direct investments, macroeconomics in open economySGolovan (at) cefir.ru201

Larisa Korableva
Microeconomics, economics of education, game theoryLKorableva (at) cefir.ru208

Julia Khaleeva
Labor economics, tax and benefit system, microsimulations, restructuring of industrial enterprisesJKhaleeva (at) cefir.ru203

Andrey Malokostov
Macroeconomics, econometricsAMalokostov (at) cefir.ru211

Alexander Rubin
 ARubin (at) cefir.ru218

RESEARCH ASSOCIATESResearch AreaE-mailPhone Extension

Georgy Egorov
Political Economy, Economic Theory, Organizational Economics, Game Theorygegorov (at)

Mikhail Golosov
Economics, Political Economy, Monetary Policygolosov (at)

Scott Gehlbach
Formal political theory, political economy of postsocialist states, inc. business-state relations and political (electoral and nonelectoral) competitiongehlbach (at)

Andrei Markevich
Russian and Soviet Economic History, Political Economy of DictatorshipsAMarkevich (at)

Konstantin Sonin
Political economics, transition and development, economic institutions, auctions ksonin (at)

Lúcio Vinhas de Souza
Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Financial and Economic Integration, Development Economics, Political Economy, International TradeLucio.VinhasdeSouza (at)

Sergei Stepanov
Corporate finance and governance, contract theorysergeystepan (at)

Aleh Tsyvinski
Optimal fiscal policy, Effects of taxation, Role of the government, Macroeconomic policytsyvinski (at)
Alexandra Vacroux Public health, Pharmaceutical market, RegulationAVacroux (at) 

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