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Research and Policy Projects
Estimates of sectoral development's key indicators consistent with the estimates of the Russian Federation macroeconomic indicators up to 2030
Advisory services to assist the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus in improving the forecasting of budget revenues
Forecasting macroeconomic indicators of the Russian economy for the period up to 2030
Predicting macroeconomic indicators of the Russian economy in the period up to the year 2030
Identifying prospective exporters in the Eurasian Economic Union and analysing the possibilities of creating a value-added chain
Development of methodological recommendations on enhancement of revenue base of regional and local budgets in the Russian Federation
Comprehensive analysis of the the integration impact as well as of free trade areas creation on the status and development of the EEU members' economies (on the basis of the general equilibrium model CGE and MOB)
Preparing information and analytical materials on the prospects for the sectors development of the Russian agro-industrial complex
Spatial-economic-ecological model for the assessment of sustainability policies of Russian Federation (SUST-RUS)
Social Enterprise as Force for more Inclusive and Innovative Societies (SEFORïS)
All-Russian on-line survey on estimating the easiness of doing business in Russia
Assessing the effectiveness of educational programs (the first round)
Consulting services for forecasting the main macroeconomic indicators of the Russian economy for the period up to 2020
Comprehensive assessment of the potential and prospects of EAEU member states participation in global value chains, as well as necessary system changes in the customs and tariff policy aimed at facilitating the incorporation of EAEU members in such chains
Developing approaches to the assessment of non-credit financial institutions and relevant market sectors as exemplified by insurance companies and insurance sector
Promoting the development of the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on the issues of cooperation with multilateral development banks
Consulting Services to Employees of Sberbank of Russia
The Moscow Region – Leadership Strategy (strategy of the social-economic development of the Moscow region till 2020 and for the period till 2030)
Developing the system to access the information on programs for small and medium business support in the multifunctional centers of state and municipal services
Research on requirements to organizations constituting the infrastructure of small and medium-sized business support
Research on small and medium-sized business development in Russia, and working out proposals on implementing subprogram #2 "Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" of the RF state program "Economic Development and Innovative Economy"
Russian market of retail payment services
Research on competition in the international cellular transmission (roaming) across boundaries and comparison of tariff rates in the European Union and the Common Economic Space
Developing mechanisms to improve the competitiveness of domestic consumer goods manufacturers in a globalizing world economy
Developing proposals to reduce administrative barriers in the foodservice industry
The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the Socio-Economic Development of the Far East of Russia
Guidelines on the development of the state support system aimed at achieving stable and sustainable growth in agricultural production in the context of WTO, taking into account the redistribution of the main volumes of state support to a "green box"
Further development and practical application of a set of economic and mathematical models to analyze and predict the correlation of Russian Railways activity indicators and the development of the Russian economy at the sectoral and regional levels
The impact of restrictions on parallel import on the Russian commodity markets
Identifying potential partners for the Customs Union member states on the conclusion of free trade agreements
Developing recommendations on creating common labor market at the territories of CES states and the elimination of barriers to the free movement of labor power
"Business" corruption sociological survey: the level, structure and specific features, as well as the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures
Evaluating by means of a general equilibrium model the impact of price effects, which are associated with the transition to long-term rail freight tariffs, on the inflation rate and GDP dynamics in Russia by two variants of the tariff model
Analysis of barriers to the full-scale and efficient functioning of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space and proposals for their elimination
Formation of the institutional framework and to ensure the creation of good laboratory practice in accordance with the requirements of OECD
Services for development of analytical image in the development of the system interaction with the schools and gifted students for the development of innovative bachelor of 080100.62 direction "Economy"
Analysis of the environmental risks threatening the Baltic Sea by international research network BalticSTERN
Services for expertise and the development of recommendations for the development of the "Academic Graduate HSE"
Development and issue of the electronic publication «The Business Climate Development Monitor. A Newsletter on business climate and foreign direct investments in Russia»
Project implemented for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
Investigation on the economic and health impacts of harmonization of tobacco excise of the Customs Union and neighboring countries
Citibank Foundation grant under the program on support of financial capability courses in Russian universities
Consulting services in the preparation of analyzes and develop recommendations on topical issues of development of financial markets
Development of the principles of formation of preventive response to negative developments in the economy, based on the model complex aimed at forming the short-term (up to 1 year) forecasts of socio-economic development of the countries - members of CES
Development and testing of modular training programs and educational and informational materials aimed at improving financial literacy of students
Researches on the implementation of the OECD recommendations in the area of improving governance and regulatory policy
Cognitive test on innovation activities
Russia as a WTO member and its impact on the economy
Economic report on regional tobacco tax regimes for the purposes of the World Health Organization and the World Bank
Appliance of the economic growth models with account of technological progress to forecast the development of the Russian economy
Assessment of inflation expectations on the basis of data on prices of financial assets
Development and practical application of the set of economic and mathematical models to analyze and forecast correlation between Russian Railways performance indicators and the development of the Russian economy, its industries and regions
Development and issue of the electronic publication «The Business Climate Development Monitor. A Newsletter on business climate and foreign direct investments in Russia»
Assisting to the RF Ministry of Finance in developing the official comment to the Budget Code of the Russian Federation and issuing it in the electronic format (with access to the sources listed in the bibliography and full-text search) and paper version
Identification and assessment of entry barriers to foreign markets for Russian firms in the manufacturing sector
Assessment of the economic effects of accession of the Republic of Tajikistan to the Customs Union
Comparative analysis of the programs of modernization and development of the Common Economic Space economies and the development of proposals to create a common trade policy
Enhancing state policy aimed at developing the competitive environment in the regions of the Russian Federation and lowering entry barriers to industry and regional markets
Methodical and organizational support to complex converting authorization documentation to the electronic format and switching from state control over authorization documentation on alimentary products to state control over information about such products
The development and implementation of complex economic and mathematical models to analyse and to predict interactions between activity of Russian Railways Company and the development of Russian economy, its industries and regions
Analysis of the environmental risks threatening the Baltic Sea by international research network BalticSTERN
Survey analysis the consequences of the Russian Federation entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO)
Arctic Games – Interactive development and application of a transdisciplinary framework for sustainable governance options of Arctic natural resources
Investigation of the level, structure and specifics of "business" corruption
Development of criteria and indicators of the implementation of a comprehensive program to ensure public safety in transport and methods of their calculation
Methodology for assessing the effectiveness of major government programs
Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey (BEEPS) Russia V – training workshop and interviews pilot
Russia Regional Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey
Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey (BEEPS) Russia V – training workshop and interviews pilot
The Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey ("BEEPS V")
The development of the online version of the book "Financial Literacy" and its Belarusian version for students and adults
The study segment of affluent clients
The technical assistance in development of tobacco tax policy
Methodological and organizational support for the formation of a unified national system of accreditation
Corporate conflicts in Russia and abroad. CEFIR at NES Research
Development of models and methodology for forecasting the dynamics of Russian economy in the longrun
Survey on Estimating Current Business Climate in the Russian Regions
BalticSurvey - A survey study in the Baltic Sea countries on people´s attitudes and use of the sea
Socio-economic effects of the ecological change in the Baltic region
Working out model complex for the medium-term RF economic development scenario forecasting
Working out basic model for the price formation on the Russian market of the private deposits and its application in the Sberbank of Russia pricing policy
Survey on Incentives to the Implementation of Measures under the Administrative Reform
Professional development programme on the issues of economic and financial policy for the RF Ministry of Finance personnel
Working out proposals on enhancing efficiency of the financial management of the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund and of the territorial compulsory medical insurance funds
Anticipatory GDP Indicator
Estimating aftereffects of the prolonged New Year holidays on GDP in Russia
Working out proposals on improving state support to small business
The Impact of Alcohol Consumption on Health in Russia
Building up Modern Research University: Financing Facility Structure and Terms of Faculty Recruitment
The System of Open Mutual Funds’ Evaluation
Transparency and Disclosure by Russian Companies
Transparency and Disclosure by Russian Companies
Applied economic research of effectiveness of the State Plan on the management training for the national economic enterprises of the Russian Federation in 2006/2007 academic year
Developing short-term budget revenues forecasting model
Surveying Corporate Governance Practices
Entrepreneurship in Brazil, China, and Russia
Evaluating the wisdom of preferential relations with the European Union
Corporate Governance in Russia
Prospects of the external economic relations development between Russia, CIS-countries and other countries
Prospects of the export diversification in the South District of Russia and Krasnodar region
Developing macroeconomic development scenario forecasts for the period of 2007 - 2010
Short-term (2007-2010) and long-term (2007 - 2020) foreign trade development forecast for Russia
Services on conducting the effectiveness analysis of the State Plan on the management training for the national economic enterprises of the Russian Federation in 2007/2008 academic year.
Clarification of the main trends of the Russian regions development based on the complex analysis of their potential and perspectives, taking into account export/import forecasts and State border checkpoints development estimates
Impact of the state support for small business in 2005-2007on the entrepreneurship development in the Russian regions
Elaborating the White Paper on the basis of Russian companies research «Large Corporate Expense Management Research» held by Visa Inc.
Noncash retail payment systems in Russia: advantages and development prospects
Developing the concept of creating regional financial centre in the Russian Federation: macroeconomic requirements and proposals on implementing certain policy measures
Elaborating suggestions on improving regulatory and legal framework for regulating sovereign funds activities in the Russian Federation
Analysis of the existing scientific and technological organizational potential of the sectorial sciences; elaborating suggestions on the development of the applied research in the field of the foreground trends in the science and technology development
Developing Computable General Equilibrium Model for Estimating Sectorial and Regional Consequences of Concluding International Trade Treaties between Russia and Other Countries
Forecasting internal and external migration flows in the medium-term and in the long run
What Russians Think about Transition
Study of Large Families in Belgorod Region of Russia
Monitoring the Administrative Barriers to Small Business Development in Russia. Round 6
India-Russia Trade in Goods and Services
Analysis of the demographic and socio-economic development scenarios based on the model of internal and external migration flows
Budget and Electoral Incentives for Local Authorities
New Projects: Developing a model for macroeconomic forecasting and revenues assessing
The impact of foreign trade agreements and treaties on Russia’s foreign trade and international competitiveness
Survey on Life in Transition (“LITS”)
Reforming Family Healthcare
Development of Program for Social and Economic Development of Sakhalinskaya Oblast
Development of Unemployed Profiling Procedures as a Basis for Planning and Implementation of Active Labor Market Programs
Monitoring Administrative Barriers to Small Business Development
Research capacity building program for applied policy analysis
Russian Trade Policy Project
Modelling internal and external migration flows across Russia's regions
Monetization of social benefits and housing and communal services reform
Russia Corporate Governance Project
Microeconomic Estimation of the Consequences of Tax Reform
Direct and Contingent Liabilities Management of Tver Oblast
Direct and Contingent Liabilities Management in Taimyr
Infrastructure and welfare services
"Standard" Monitoring System of Regional Finances
Impact of Active Labor Market Programs
Bradley Visiting Scholar Program
James Robinson
Paul Seabright
Railway reform development in Russia
Railroad Restructuring
Entrepreneurship ànd Environment in Russia
Microsimulation of Tax-Benefit Reforms
Analysis of Russia's Accession to WTÎ
Ñorrecting accumulated deformations in the Russian economy
Legal Reform Project
Demand for modern standards of corporate governance
World Bank Institutional
State Capture in the Russian Regions
Enhancing the structure of fiscal relations in Russia
Gas sector reform in Russia
EU Eastern Neighbourhood: Economic Potential and Future Development [ENEPO]
Corporate Governance Practices and Prospects in Transition Countries
The analysis of international experience in road traffic accident (RTA) damage assessment; development of suggestions on assessing indirect costs caused by RTAs
The role of development banks in the implementation of the state strategic interests
"Beyond Transition" Newsletter
October - December 2005 / Special Issue: ABCDE Conference
October - December 2006 / Theme of the Issue: Central Asia
October-December 2007 / Theme of the Issue: Labor Markets and Migration
October-January 2004 / Theme of the Issue: Corporate Governance
July - September 2006 / Theme of the Issue: Human Capital
July-September 2007 / Theme of the Issue: Agriculture and Rural Development
July-September 2005 / Theme of the Issue: Ukraine and Understanding Reforms
July-September 2004
April-June 2007 / Theme of the Issue: Financial Sector Development
April-June 2005 / Theme of the Issue: Poverty and Growth
April - June 2006 / Theme of the Issue: Energy
April - June 2004
January-March 2007 / Theme of the Issue: EU Enlargement
January-March 2005 / Theme of the Issue: Entrepreneurship and Barriers to Entry
January - March 2004
January-March 2006 /Theme of the Issue: China—Russia Comparison
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